Did you know? The Tanfield route used wayleaves, so was privately owned, never by a railway co.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Continuing Jobs

Peter using a mirror to view No.2's LH clack valve seat .....
..... & Brian lapping in the valve
Malcolm working on Horden's steam brake
Jim working on boiler plugs for Horden
Chris seeing the works train through Causey Crossing .....
..... & mowing Causey platform
At East Tanfield, Dave, Bill & Dave loading platform copings
Dave cleaning up the top of the bay platform brick wall .....
..... alongside Chris, Bill & Dave
Chris & Rob making the wall ready for casting a new top
Dave & Dave removing slabs of damaged breeze block
Dave & Rob lifting more copings .....
..... which Chris & Dave stack on the flat waggon
There're still hundreds of feet of platform wall to clear - volunteers would be welcome

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